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About us

Bucur means over seven decades of experience in trade and logistics. We grew along with the Romanian business environment, constantly following the evolution of the similar markets in the region and in Europe.

At the moment, our business involves selling food and non-food products, renting commercial premises and warehousing facilities, and providing fully integrated logistics solutions in these areas.

We work both with customers from Romania and abroad. One of our goals is to bring added value to the companies we interact with. We respect our commitments and do not stray from the objectives set at the beginning of our common road.

In Bucur you will always find openness, honesty, promptness and flexibility.


In times when the business world is changing from one day to another, Bucur and our entire team are using their entire experience to adapt to the new rules of the game and keep our standards high, as you are used to.

But there are principles to which we will always remain faithful – seriousness, fairness and respect for our customers and collaborators. For me, these are extremely important and I have learned over time that in a dynamic environment, where competition is fierce, they can make a difference between a simple trade relationship and a partnership.

The success of Bucur is due to every person in our team. We all come with our own personal vision, skills and energy. As a manager, it is in my duty to correctly appreciate and capitalize on them. Together, we manage to overcome challenges, find solutions and build new projects that we take pride in.


Since 1946, Bucur has continuously developed and has become a respected brand in the domestic market. We have always combined the Romanian culture of quality services with modern practices and technologies, while maintaining fair and affordable prices.


We have preserved our prestige in the market because we knew how to adapt to change, overcome the challenges and always bring something new. Thus, we have managed to diversify our portfolio and build strong links with each company.


We know that business equals team and we are reliable partners to our customers. We build alongside them and meet their needs with quick and personalized solutions. To do this, we are constantly investing in the professional development of our employees.


We have ambitious plans for the future. One of them is Bucur Retail Park, which is located in one of our Militari quarters. The brands that have joined our project so far are Penny, Jysk, Pepco and DM.